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Step by step tutorial for blade replacement.

Applicable for following machines :

STERWINS 1-33 1200W 33cm

STERWINS 360ep 3w-1

STERWINS 2-36 1400W 36cm

STERWINS 2-40 1700W 40cm



    • Turn the mower off and turn it over to access the blade.

    • Position the correct size pipe wrench or socket wrench on the blade nut.

    • Lock the blade in the opposite direction of unscrewing with a piece of wood and hold it firmly.

    • Unscrew the blade nut while firmly holding the blade shim.

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    • Remove the blade fixing bolt and its washer. Place them close, they will be reused to fix the new blade.

    • Remove the worn blade from its holder.

    • Place the new blade on the support, matching the shape of the support pins with the cutouts on the blade.

    • Insert the fixing bolt with its washer and start to screw it by hand into the blade holder.

    • Using the shim and the pipe or socket wrench used for disassembly, tighten the blade fixing bolt.

    • Check the blade tightness using a torque wrench. The tightening must be 40 Nm.


To reassemble your machine, follow instructions in reverse order

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